HA Pocket Guide

Largest Capacity Double Ovens †  Simplify dinner time with LG’s 7.3 cu. ft. double oven offering our largest capacity available. Use the quick- heating upper oven for smaller meals on the go. For big events, you’ll have the room you need to cook all your favorite dishes, at different temperatures, at the same time. With LG, no meal (or guest list) is too big. † Largest in total capacity; based on manufacturer’s published specifications as of 12/1/16. Excludes other LG manufactured products. Large Capacity Single Ovens Bring on your oversize roasts, your 24-pound-plus turkeys, your cavalcade of side dishes. If you can dream it, this huge 6.3 cu. ft. capacity oven can match your menu stride for stride. With this large capacity oven, you can conquer large meals with room to spare.

LG's Fastest Boiling Element & Burner  UltraHeat™ 4.3kW Elements

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any faster, it did. With 4,300 watts, these dual cooktop elements are the most powerful available. †† Not only do they deliver LG’s fastest boil, they let you match the element size to your cookware for the utmost in flexibility.

22,000 BTU Burner Busy cooks, rejoice: LG UltraHeat™ 22,000 BTU burners deliver every bit of the precision you love about gas with even more power. No more waiting around to bring water and other liquids to a boil.

†† As compared with other LG electric models.

Ergonomic, Tilted Front Controls  Stop reaching over hot pans to adjust your cooktop elements. Sleek, angled controls put power and visibility at your fingertips while bringing an updated, stylish look to your kitchen.


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